Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We’re excited to announce a new approach to our u-pick orchards this year. This will let you get a wider variety of apples throughout all seasons, and let you enjoy our farm to the fullest.

Here are some questions and answers about our orchard to help you know what to expect from your apple picking experience here.

What does it cost to pick your own Apples Monday – Friday?

Each person 2 years of age and older cost $2.00 per person. The U-pick orchard behind our market will be open for your picking pleasure.

What does the $2.00 charge include?

It includes access to our U-pick orchard behind the Market where you’ll be able to pick and mix the different varieties of Ellijay apples available for harvest into the bags that you will pre-purchase and also the giant slide.

What does it cost for admission on Saturday or Sunday?

You have the choice of picking in the orchard behind the market or across the road from the market and it also includes the Pig Races and the Cow Milking for $5 per person ages 2 and up.

How does it work?

Monday – Friday, everyone 2 and older will pay a $2 per person entry fee then you will purchase the bag size that you want to pick and take home. We offer a $9 half peck bag, a $16 peck bag and a $28 half bushel bag for u-pick.

On the weekends, everyone 2 and older will pay $5 per person for admission, then you will pre-purchase a bag to u-pick and take home. With your admission you get to milk the cow, play on the giant slide and watch the pig races. Wander around and take your time and only pick what you want to take home so we don’t waste the apples.

Are there any packages available?

Packages are available on the weekend and include all the farm fun we have available at B.J. Reece Orchards. That includes the apple cannons, wagon rides (farm tours), petting farm, Scavenger hunt, Cow milking, Jumping pillow, cow train rides, pig races, pony rides & Racing Ziplines.

These activities will operate every Saturday and Sunday while our U-pick orchards are open.

You can save money buying a package if you are interested in that option as well!

How long has Reece Orchards been in business?

We’ve been in the apple business since early 1960’s.

How much does it cost to visit your market?

It’s free for lookers! Lots of yummy stuff to buy and take home with ya!

Is the orchard dog friendly?

Yes! Dogs are permitted in the orchards, but must be leashed. Dogs are not permitted in the market for any reason.

If you bring a pet, please make sure it minds its manners! You are responsible for your pet. Others may not love your pet as much as you do. ?

What is peak season at the orchard?

Our u-pick season begins just before Labor Day weekend and runs through the end of October or until the orchards are picked clean. This is a popular time for visitors looking to enjoy fall weather, u-pick apples and our bakery.

Does Reece Orchards only have apples?

No. We grow peaches, nectarines, asian pears, and seasonal vegetables as well as a wide variety of apples.

We also have a bakery with a full selection of baked goods and a market with cider, jams and other goods.

We have 120 acres of apples (and growing) and 30 acres of peaches.

We have 30 acres of a variety of vegetables.

Where are you located in Ellijay?

We are located a beautiful few minutes’ drive outside of Ellijay GA on HWY 52 East toward Dawsonville or Dahlonega. Visit our map for specific directions from your location.

Are the orchards family friendly?

One of the areas we pride ourselves in at Reece Orchards is our family friendly atmosphere. We want to provide families a place to enjoy the outdoors and the fun in our orchards. We have petting farm and other farm fun for children. We also welcome school field trips Tuesday-Friday by appointment.

What kinds of apples do you carry?

We have a wide selection of apples both in the market and available for u-pick when in season. We grow 30 different varieties on 120 acres. We have u-pick in 3 of our orchards totaling 75 acres. We always pick in our other orchards to sell in our market.

How do we know what apples are in season?

Although exact dates can vary by a couple weeks, please visit our calendar for U-pick varieties and dates. If you are interested in apples in our market, please call us to verify we have begun picking.

I’m looking for good apples for cooking, what are popular cooking apples?

Depending on what you’re making, you’ll need to look into a variety of different apples.

Cooking Apple: Rome Beauty is our best and most popular cooking apple. Mutsu Golden, Jonathan and Stayman Winesap are always good options due to their juicier flavors.

Tarts or Pies: you can never go wrong with Granny Smith. Don’t be afraid to try uncommon combinations in baked goods. Every apple has a unique flavor.

How do I know apples are ripe?

There are many things to consider when picking apples. First, knowing the season of apples helps you determine the best time to pick them. Also, knowing the features of the individuals types of apples is a must. Some things to consider when picking apples is 1) that they lacking bruising, 2)proper texture and firmness for their type. When picking apples from the orchard remember that trees ripen from the outside branches to the inner branches. If ever you have a question about what apples are fresh, contact us. We’re happy to help you find the apples you need.

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