About Reece Orchards

Q:  How long has Reece Orchards been in business?

A:  We’ve been in the apple business a long time.  Learn more about the history of our orchards.

Q:  How much does it cost to visit your orchard?

A:  It’s free to visit our farm and market.  There is a small $2.00 charge for those looking to visit the orchards, this covers your entrance to the orchards themselves.  Children under 3 are free

Q:  Is the orchard dog friendly?

A:  Yes!  Dogs are permitted in the orchards, but must be leashed.  Dogs are not permitted in the market.

Q: What is peak season at the orchard?

A:  Our u-pick season begins September 1st and runs through October 31st, or until the orchards are picked clean.  This is a popular time for visitors looking to enjoy fall weather, u-pick apples and our bakery.

Q:  Does Reece Orchards only have apples?

A:  NO!  We grow peaches as well as a wide variety of apples.  We also have a bakery with a full selection of baked goods and a market with cider, jams and other goods.

Q:  Where are you located in Ellijay?

A:  We are located a beautiful few minutes’ drive outside of Ellijay GA on HWY 52 East

Q:  Are the orchards family friendly?

A:  One of the areas we pride ourselves in at Reece Orchards is our family friendly atmosphere.  We want to provide families a place to enjoy the outdoors and the fun in our orchards.  We have petting farm and other farm fun for children.  We also welcome school field trips.


About Orchards and Apples

Q:  What kinds of apples do you carry?

A:  We have a wide selection of apples both in the market and available for u-pick when in season.

Q:  How do we know what apples are in season?

A:  Although exact dates can vary by a week or so, our selection is different from month to month.  If you’re ever interested in a specific apple we grow, contact us to see if when they are ripe.

Q:  I’m looking for good apples for cooking, what are popular cooking apples?

A:  Depending on what you’re making (ciders or sauces) you’ll need to look into a variety of different apples.  Rome Beauty(our best selling cooking apple), Mutsu, Golden, Jonathan and Stayman Winesap are always good options due to their juicier flavors.  For tarts or pies, you can never go wrong with Granny Smith.  Don’t be afraid to try uncommon combinations in baked goods.  Every apple has a unique flavor.

Q:  How do I know apples are ripe?

A:  There are many things to consider when picking apples.  First, knowing the season of apples helps you determine the best time to pick them.  Also, knowing the features of the individuals types of apples is a must.  Some things to consider when picking apples is 1) that they lacking bruising, 2)proper texture and firmness for their type.  When picking apples from the orchard remember that trees ripen from the outside branches to the inner branches.  If ever you have a question about what apples are fresh, contact us.  We’re happy to help you find the apples you need.