Our u-pick orchards


WEEKDAY: We are open everyday for U-pick beginning August 26th and finishing up October 29.

Hours are 9 – 6.  (Including Labor Day & Columbus Day)

Admission Monday ~ Friday is $2 per person for everyone 2 and over.

The petting farm is open everyday as well and admission is $3 per person.

WEEKEND: SATURDAY & SUNDAY (August 26-October 29, 2017)

We are open on Saturdays & Sundays during U-pick season for the Farm Fun activities: U-pick, Petting Farm, Wagon Rides, Cow Milking, Scavenger Hunt, Pig Races, Apple Cannons, Giant Jumping Pillow, Cow Train Rides, Pony Rides, Racing Ziplines, & new for 2017: 100 foot underground slide!

Hours are 9 – 6. 

Admission Saturday – Sunday is $5 per person. ($5 includes a wagon ride, pig races, cow milking & giant slide)

Farm Fun Activities

** Everyone must purchase an admission on the day of their visit.  You have the option of purchasing one of our two packages or you can purchase the activities individually.  You choose what works best for you and your family.  You are welcome to come and visit and only pick apples, but if you are interested in having some fun on the farm here is what we have to offer:

(Rain or Shine except cannons & ziplines unless it falls a flood)




Apple Cannon Fun!!

(Weekends Only during U-pick season) ~ $5 for a bucket of apples to shoot, sharing is allowed!

Let the sharp shooter in the family check his eye on hitting the targets over 500 feet away!  If you hit it, you win a prize!



Petting Farm

Visit our Petting Farm


Petting Farm

(open everyday during U-pick season)($3 pp)

Visit Rex and our friendly animals at our Petting Farm. But be cautious, if you scare the goats they will faint! We have lots of animals in our petting farm like pigs, baby calf, baby pigs, kittens, puppies, goats, sheep, turkey, chickens, rabbits, geese & guineas.







(Weekends only during U-pick season ~

$15 pp)

Come try out our 1000 foot racing zipline!  This is only for the brave at heart!









Cow Train Rides!

(Weekends only during U-pick season ~

$2 pp)

Take a ride around our corn maze on the bumpily humpity cow train!  It delights adults and children alike!





Giant Jumping Pillow!

(Weekends only during U-pick season ~ $2 pp)

Jump your heart out on our giant jumping pillow!  You can always take a break and let the kids bounce you if you get tired!








Longhorns Animals!

(Weekends only during U-pick season ~ included in admission)

We have several long horned cattle and goats for your viewing enjoyment! Our Watusi had a baby last year during the first week of November so she will be there for viewing.




Pumpkins and More Pumpkins!

Pick out your favorite pumpkin to carve, eat or just enjoy for fall!  So many to choose from in all shapes and sizes!









Cow Milking

(Weekends only during U-pick season ~ included in admission)

Have you ever milked a cow?  Come visit us on Saturday or Sunday during September or October and you can!





Farm Fun for 2017!! (Saturday & Sunday Only)

On Saturdays and Sundays while our U-pick orchards are open, we have added lots of new activites for you and your family to enjoy!  You can purchase one of the packages below and you will have access to both our orchards, the petting farm, ride the wagon, shoot our apple cannons, go on the scavenger hunt through the corn field, milk a real cow, jump on our giant jumping pillow, enjoy a country fair tradition of pig racing and take a ride on our cow train (barrel train).  We also have pony rides and new this year is our huge 100 feet long underground slides!  You can also race on our 1000 foot racing ziplines (for an additional fee).  Ya’ll are going to have so much fuuunnnnnn!!!!

Our Weekend Package #2 (BLUE PACKAGE) ~ $28.00/person (a $45 value)

Admission to both orchards ~ $5

1/2 peck bag to U-pick apples ~ $7

Wagon Ride ~ $5 (included in admission)

Viewing Longhorned and exotic animals ~ (included in admission)

Petting Farm ~ $3

Cow Milking ~ $2 (included in admission)

Scavenger Hunt through corn maze ~ $7

Pig Races ~ (included in admission)

Bucket of apples to shoot at cannons ~ $5

Giant Jumping Pillow ~ $2

Cow Train Ride ~ $2

Pony Ride ~ $5

100 foot underground slides ~ $2 (included in admission)

Weekend Package #1 (YELLOW PACKAGE) ~ $15.00/person ~ (a $22 value)

Admission to both orchards ~ $5

1/2 peck bag to U-pick apples ~ $7

Wagon Ride ~ $5

Viewing Longhorned and exotic animals ~ (included in admission)

Petting Farm ~ $3

Cow Milking ~ (included in $5 admission)

Pig Races ~ (included in $5 admission)

100 foot underground slide ~ $2 (included in admission)

All items above can be purchased individually as well!

1000 foot racing ziplines added to any above package!! ~ $15

Individual Prices

Admission to U-pick from both orchards ~$5 (includes Viewing Longhorned and exotic animals, cow milking, pig races & 100 foot underground slide)

Wagon Ride ~ $5 (included in admission)

Petting Farm ~ $3

Scavenger Hunt (Corn Maze) ~ $7

Apple Cannon ~ $5 for a bucket

Giant Jumping Pillow ~ $2

Cow Train Ride ~ $2

Pony Rides ~ $5

Zipline Ride ~ $15