If you’ve ever had a variety of apples you know that apples carry very distinct features that make them special in their own way.  Everything from texture, juiciness, firmness and color make different apples types unique.  If you’ve ever wondered about the differences in apples, Reece Orchards is here to help you better understand the apples we grow at our orchards.

Ozark Gold:  a relative to Golden Delicious apples in appearance and flavor, Golden delicious ripens earlier than its relative by a few weeks.  Ozark Golds tend to be larger apples with yellow to bright yellow skin and are one of our favorite early season apples

Gala:  A popular early season apple, Gala is a firm, yellow/orange stripped apple that are very firm, crisp.  Although some choose to cook with Gala apples, they are most commonly eating apples that bloom earlier in the apple season.

Red Delicious:  A firm, smooth, rich red skin is the sign of a quality red delicious apple.  Sturdy in comparison to other apples, Red Delicious apples aren’t ideal for baking and best enjoyed as a fresh treat by itself.

Rome Beauty:  As one of our mid-season apples, and a popular u-pick apple, this firm, crisp apple come with great aroma and if great for eating and baking.  See our calendar for when u-pick is available.

Mutsu Golden:  A mid-season apple with great blush, Mutsu Golds are juicy apples with a course skin.  Typically Mutsu Golden apples are enjoyed in hand, but can also be used for tasty apple sauces and ciders where juicy apples are a must.

Jonathan:  These red-green apples are tangy, tart, full flavored apples that are great in the fall.  Much like other apples with these features Jonathan’s are great alone or used in sauces, juices, cider and baked goods.

Empire:  As a cross with McIntosh and Red Delicious, this red apple features softer flesh.  As a midseason apple it is a good all-around eating apple that displays similar features to both of it’s mixers.

Jonagolds : This blushed yellow apple is a cross between Jonathan-Golden Delicious apples.  Because of that it carries over the crispness of both and also has thicker, coarse flesh that makes it a great cooking and eating apple.  Sometimes Jonagolds can have yellow-blush striping.

Golden Delicious:  An early-mid season apple,  Golden Delicious are one of the most widely used varieties of apples we grow at Reece Orchards.  This light green or yellow apple is crisp, but tends to have a more subdued, mild flavor.  Overall it’s a popular do-all apple.

Braeburn:  This very juicy, sweet apple is a popular picking apple at Reece Orchards.  As a mid-late season apple these tend to be perfect apples for picking in late fall and are just downright good eating apples.

Stayman Winesap:  This late season apple is a flavorful, tangy apple that’s a late season u-pick apple at our orchards.  Although these are tasty eating apples, they are best in pies, baked goods and ciders because of their “wine-like” flavor and juiciness.

Arkansas Black:  Best known for its dark red color, this crisp, fairly juicy apple is a wonderful eating apple in the late picking season.  As a harder apple you’ll enjoy the crispness that makes this apple unique but may need to let it sit for a period before eating.

Granny Smith:  One of the most popular apples in late season, Granny Smiths are known for their tartness, thick skin and juiciness.  Most commonly used in baked goods like tarts and pies, Granny Smiths are a classic late season apple.

Yates:  These smaller, juicy red apples are a perfect late season apple you can enjoy.  It’s widely considered a cider apple.  It has a tender, juicy flesh that makes it a little soft for some, but it can still be a taste late season treat you can pick yourself at Reece Orchards.

Fuji:  This year round apple is a good fall apple that peaks in late picking season.  Crisp skin and flesh make this apple an enjoyable apple that has a sweet smooth taste to it.  Without a doubt fuji apples are a popular choice on the orchard.

For more information about any of the apples we offer both in our market and for u-pick please contact us.  We’re here to help you find what you’re looking for.